Product Quality

High quality of our medicines and patient safety are top priorities for us. To ensure quality of our products and services: 

  • We hold a wholesale distribution authorization and Good Distribution Practice Certificate
  • Our Logistics operations fully comply with a documented Quality Management System
  • All actions that may potentially affect quality, are planned and implemented according to established procedures, which have been developed based on the “in process” approach of the Quality Management System
  • All performance indicators are analyzed and used to ensure that the distribution of our products abides by the EU legislation, that proper storage conditions are constantly met and that continuous improvement of the Quality Management System is achieved
  • We have developed an efficient Risk Management System to assess, control, communicate and review risks to the quality of products and services and to ensure smooth delivery of our services to our customers

Your point of contact within the Quality department of our company has the authority and responsibility to ensure that the quality management system is implemented and maintained and that the product quality complaints are dealt effectively.

Product Quality Complaint is any communication suggesting deficiencies related to the labeling, identity, quality, durability, reliability, purity, stability, effectiveness, performance, usability of a medicinal product after it is released for distribution or a possible failure of a product to meet its specifications.

If you wish to report a Product Quality Complaint please contact: